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We are a Professional Boundary Surveying Company in Phoenix Arizona specializing in restoring property boundary lines. If you are wondering where your property lines are, we will find them, it is our primary land surveying business.

A Phoenix Arizona Licensed Land Surveyor with tens of years of experience in restoring property corners performs all of the work on your survey. The biggest asset in restoring property corners is knowledge of the legal principles of boundary surveying. For example, there are cases where the original monuments for the property were set inaccurately by several feet and will not match the dimensions on the recorded map, yet they will be held as the rightful property corners. Knowing that difference is more valuable than being able to read a map and measure with GPS Land Surveying equipment.

We are also computerized in the field and evaluate everything in detail on-site as needed. You will be provided a professional drawing of your property survey after it is recorded at the Maricopa County Recorder's Office.

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